Digital Dentistry

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Accurate Digital Impressions in Minutes

Riverside Family Dental now uses the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner to provide our patients with detailed and reliable oral scans. It’s convenient, fast, and doesn’t cause any discomfort. With this scanner, you can have an oral scan done in less than two minutes.

The iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner captures a direct optical impression of your dentition. With the captured image, we’ll be able to accurately determine the exact cause of your oral problem and where to apply solutions. You’ll be spending less time in the chair while getting real solutions and better treatments.

How Does The Process Work?

The iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner allows us to capture an accurate impression of your dentition. Dr Jared Hansen will insert the scanner into your mouth and gently move it over the surface area of your teeth or affected tooth. The scanner in your mouth will capture the image of your dentition and transmit it to the chairside monitor.

Prepared teeth take about one and half minutes to capture while the opposite arch will take about 45 seconds. This means that in less than two minutes, you can have the full impression of your teeth captured and ready to be assessed. The image provided by the scanner will be reviewed and manipulated by Dr Jared Hansen to help determine the root of your oral issue.

Benefits Of The ITero Digital Intraoral Scanner

Our digital intraoral scanner also saves time. Unlike traditional technology, you won’t have to sit in the dentist’s chair for hours to get treatment. Your physician will be able to offer prompt solutions, especially during the first stages of your dental treatment.

The iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner is safe to use. It doesn’t emit any harmful radiation during the scanning process, thereby keeping the patient safe.

This is one of the major benefits of the iTero digital intraoral scanner. It captures the contours and shapes of your teeth, thereby allowing our dentists to make accurate assessments and provide the ideal treatments.